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Wuhan Yafei seed Co.Ltd.

Wuhan Yafei seed Co.Ltd. was founded in March,2006. It is a professional seed company (The sponsor of the Asia-Pacific Seed Annual Conference“APSA” from 2014 to 2018) which mainly deals in high-end vegetable seeds with“breeding, reproduction and promotion” integration . At present, the company is in the forefront of Hubei vegetable seed industry, the first echelon of Chinese private vegetable seed enterprises, especially cabbage and broccoli are at the top of China's seed industry .

Under the leadership of Mr. Yafei He who is the general Manager of Wuhan Yafei seed Co.Ltd, with more than ten years' rich working experience in foreign-funded enterprises, the company’s research and development, production, marketing and promotion teams are comprised of outstanding graduates from Huazhong Agricultural University . After several years of hard work, the company has successfully introduced and promoted many varieties of high-end hybrid cabbage and broccoli vegetable seeds. Relying on years of international marketing and nationwide bases production experience in China.The breeding, production and promotion of cabbage, broccoli and other varieties seeds have formed its own characteristics. The cabbage, broccoli, carrot and other varieties have been listed as the key recommendation varieties of the countrywide national expositions. In order to disseminate the planting experience of these good varieties in time. Whhan Yafei seed Co.Ltd and the Yangtze River Vegetable Magazine jointly established the column "Become Rich"in 2015, which is well loved by the majority of growers.