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Charity warms heart like the sunshine——Wuhan Yafei Seed Co., Ltd.loves to help Li group’s Middle schools

Hits:85    Release Date:2018-08-20

For the sake of collboration in citywide activity of "WuSong countryside poverty reduction", meanwhile to promote the more advance "agricultural technology " in Xinzhou District of Wuhan and for having good talented persons that can promote more efficient local agricultural development, on March 10, 2016, He Yafei, general manager of Wuhan Yafei Seed Co., Ltd. went to Li group’s Middle School in Xinzhou District of Wuhan with some public members to carry out volunteer activities to help poor students. 

Based on a social responsibility and obligation, Wuhan Yafei Seed Co. produced the opportunity to return love and care to the community. The outstanding teachers of Li group’s Middle School and poor students showing excellent academic performance and their parents were awarded in modest and generous ways. Wuhan Yafei Seed Co. expressed friendship for students, teachers and agriculturists and promoted and appretiated farmers to sent their children to the community that have warm hearts and care and appretiated more enterprises to come forward to dedicate their love and care for community.