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Wuhan Yafei Seed Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences set off "Basketmania"

Hits:94    Release Date:2018-08-20

 Once again during cool spring, the match brought the flame of passion. On February 19, our company and Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences launched a fierce but friendly basketball match.

 There was a fully crowded basketball court, and fierce match was on fire. Thousands of vessels on rivers were competing for the achievement. We firmly believed thatplayers sweat ignite passion. During the "Battle", our captain led the team to modulate our tactics for snatching rebounds, for quick fierce attacks, with great energy, to score maximum points on board. Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences players were reluctant to show weakness, they were all good enough, and they tried to dominate. Actually players demonstrated most vividly, their elegant agility and skill during the game, and the presence of cheerleaders also enhance applause and cheers from crowd. The stadium enthusiasm continues throughout the match, and crowd was jubilant.

  Here spirit of "friendship first, competition second" was fully reflected. During fierce match, youthful vilality and friendship was fully demonstrated by both teams. And both sides friendship will tie up in an unbroken chain. Though Yafei Seed Co., is young, but always love to learn from the "big brothers" within the seed industry. Our life is a movement, let us move together, life will become even more wonderful!